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  1. Hello guys. The story is almost at the end - i have same controller from same scooter for 800W motor - i bought motor too. It using same lcd panel. The Daisy from KWK wheel helped me and find same parts. BUT now i have problem that its not working - i think the problem should be in immobiliser. Scooter just do not start and alarm making wierd noise. Anybody knows how to programme it or how to disable it ?
  2. Oh, i though that battery output is 48V and charging voltage is 54,6V ... new UBGOs have 52V output, so 58,8V is charging voltage ... ? Maybe ? ... I do not know. If i need to change motor also, i should buy new scooter .
  3. Thank you for your help. So, you think that 52V controller will works with 48V motor ?
  4. It is marked on battery too ... You can see in in photo lower - 54.6V 2A
  5. Yes i do. Its same, but on KWK they selling only THIS 52V version ... or not ? Is 52V compatible with 48V motor ? If you can try to speak witch Daisy, i will be very gratefull
  6. I thinking about to buy THIS - its very expensive solution, BUT i think the most easiest way to solve my problem. What do you think guys ?
  7. Oh, I found the difference - that wire in green circle is for ? I do not have this cable on my controller.
  8. Hi Erwanrcx ... Thank you for fast answer . Its single motor - you can see motor it in photo. What can be different in other brands ? Almost everything looks same to me . The wires on controller looks same too ...
  9. Hello guys. First of all i am sorry for writing here in english language i am from Czech rep. and i am hopeless with my scooter. I cant find any other disc. forum in whole world. Hope you will understand me. I bought UBGO simillar scooter - Chuanglu (Ultron) V9 scooter and my seller quit the business on alliexpress. My controller broke up, and now i cant find any compatible on the web. I contacted manufacturer of controller, search across all internet malls, try to contact people in Ultron groups - but nobody answered. So i tried to contact KWK and they dont want me sell controller without motor. Daibot even do not want to sell any parts without buying original scooter first - same at Fineone store. So i trying ask for help here. I searching for 48V 25A 1000W brushless motor controller with size (same as ubgo) that fit in my scooter. I do not want to buy new motor+new controller+new speed meter KIT - its very expensive with the shipping included. Can anyone help me ? Can anyone have any advice ? Anybody knows where to find this kind of controller or other compatible? I will be very happy for any help and advice ! THX
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