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  1. We can offer you CNC Machining & Manufacturing Services Precision CNC Machining Services CNC Turning and Milling Services Electrical Discharge Machining Services Large Part CNC Machining Services Rapid Prototype Machining Services, 3 axis,4-axis,5-axis CNC turning milling, turned- milled combined machining, Injection mold , 3D printing,sheet metal , grinding,Laser Cutting etc.with superior quality products in short production time and satisfactory after-sales service with more competitive price.Welcome to drop me your RFQ. Here attach our company profile ,and,here is our website. Tel+86-13580881783 Email:[email protected] Add:DalingShan Town,Dongguan,China Post Code:523808
  2. Usinage pièces CNC 2D / 3D,Fabrication pièces et accessoires
  3. Hi Sir, Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it, I think it's appropriate for my post to be moved to this professional section of the forum.if you have any parts need process, please feel free to contact me, my email address is [email protected],Thanks Amlie
  4. Hi Sir,I'm a woman, I'm very happy to communicate with you, about the pedal, yes, we can process it, it's very simple for us, let me share some pictures of our company previously processed products. maybe I can do a lot for you and this platform partner. Thanks
  5. Hi Sir, Thank you very much for your suggestion, I will try to communicate in English, the forum is all French, so I tried the translation software, but the effect is very bad.
  6. 我们来自中国工厂,有多年的精密零件,加工经验,如果您有金属零件和零件的机械设计,铸造零件,机加工金属零件等,如果你请告诉我,我的电子邮件地址是:@顶engnieer06, 非常感谢你 Amlie Li
  7. 大家好, 我是Amlie,我专注于CNC加工,加工精密零件,如果朋友需要定制零件,我愿意帮助您,请将图纸发送到以下邮箱地址:Amlieli003 @ 163 .COM 非常感谢你
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