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  1. Bleeding: Required bleeding kit for example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Ezmtb-Hydraulic-Mineral-DOT-2-in-1-Brake-Bleed-Kit-for-Full-Series-of-Shimano-Avid/32673274241.html (mine is something like: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Bicycle-Hydraulic-Brake-Bleed-Kit-Tools-for-Mineral-Oil-For-Tektro-Shimano-MAGURA-Louise-Marta-HS33/32803684413.html but it is not necessary. One syringe, one tube and one adaptor is actually required (unfortunatelly dunno which adapter, I just used the first which fit). The only bleeding screw is on brake caliper and when you bleeding brakes, this bleeding screw/hole _must_ be at the highest point of whole braking system (i.e. e-scooter has to be upside down). Use bleeding kit, where syringe, which is connected through bleeding screw into system, works as temporary reservoir. Constantly pumping with brake lever and syringe until you won't see any air buble in brake oil (it can take even several hours, namely on rear brake). Correctly bleeded brake works flawlessly with one finger braking. P.S.: As mineral oil I used Total LHM Plus oil (green) which is typicaly used on Citroën. It is slightly denser but definitely cheaper than Shimano or Magura oil.
  2. Hi, hydraulic brakes on UBGO100X is so called "closed" system. It doesn't have a reservoir and bleeding is quite complicated, time consuming thing. Moreover you have to adjust time by time brake settings as brake pads wears using Allen/Hex screw (see picture attachment).
  3. Pity, I'd say. Because my daily trip contains two downhills (path home<->work - both places are on the hill between valley) and I can see (especially) front brakepads dwindling in front of my eyes.
  4. @Erwanrcx, @smiley Guys, bad news about electric brake on, in my case, UBGO 1003+ with twisted handle throttle 😞 In my "trott", there is LVBELAN controller: Which is basically the same as KU63. But. Either it is not exactly the same or twisted handle cannot enable electric brake, because it does nothing regardless of "X" and "DS" are connected or not :-(. Anyway, at least I changed connectors between motor and controller, because their quality is really bad (one of them already started to be smoky). I used MP Jet connectors (3.5mm) which are already proven in similar scenarios (the only flaw is they doesn't have housing, as well as original connectors, so MT60 connector or something similar would be probably better choice).
  5. Got it, thank you very much 👍 The rest remains on google translate 🙂
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