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  1. Video for accelerator module by sergey gorgots for improved throttle control https://youtu.be/5keKwfnxa7I
  2. YouTube video in case  this doesn't workThere hasn't been any update on this thread recently.so here is some updates to my thunder. Mhm switches, kickstand,double stem clamp. And accelerator module. Shout out to sergey gorgots Accelerator module KVID0185.mp4
  3. Just ordered one of these awesome devices. He has quite a few videos and online instructions. I had a thumb throttle that I was going to install to try a smooth out low speed throttle control. But this is awesome plug and play without having to modify my EYE controller. With other great features. I was going to wait till it arrived before posting. But mail is slow now. And I'm excited.
  4. Yeah pretty standard.turning off electronic brakes Helps. The steering column is the worst part about the dualtrons. There are a few larger clamps out there that help..
  5. That's 60 volts input 12 volts output. If you have 60 volts on the output side that transformer is shorted out. Replace.
  6. This video will show how to get to the board. Easy. If it's broken you can just ship it back for replacement.
  7. This just happened to me. When you think it's tight it's not. You have to really really crank on it . Then pound it closed. Otherwise it will loosen up.
  8. This site (along with Google translate). Has been a great source of info for dualtron thunder. Thanks
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