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  1. Hello SMC. I have already ordered from this seller. The price including 20AH Battery, shipping by train, customs taxes in EU (Spain), the seat and the rear baggage carrier was 1650 dollars. I bought it just 3 days ago so it has not be shipped yet. It seems to be really interesting your proyect. Would you redo all existing cnc parts in carbon fiber? How will you do it? I have been also thinking about doing a better battery to improve the range but firstly I wanna try how does the stock one works. This is my first post on this forum so I take advantage of it and I say HELLO to everyone on this forum. Especially for all french colleague. My name is Salvador but people use to call me Salva, Im 30 years old and Im from the north of Spain. Nowadays Im owning a Mercane WideWheel (dual 13 ah) and a SpeedWay 3 (chinese copy). Im sorry for writing in english but my french is really bad.
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