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  1. Where can I buy this system or you made it your self?
  2. Are there any known problems with this old LCD? Also I don't see the frond mud guard, maybe it is not installed/already packed...
  3. These are the shipment images from Fenfey, which was shipped yesterday. I hope they included 35Ah battery and fast charger 6A. The waiting begins... Is that a new lcd controller or?
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/ElectricScooters/comments/bww434/which_alibaba_seller_to_choose_for/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app
  5. I ordered additional 6A charger, and Fenfey said that i will receive 1 more 2A charger. I see people that order 6A charger receive two 2A chargers. Is this correct, should I ask for one more 2A charger?
  6. Hi all, I am from Macedonia and I just ordered the st2060 from mr. Fenfey. This is what I ordered with prices (shipping by train to Greece): Electric Scooter: ST-2060 60v35ah LG battery with offroad tires Upgrades: 1. Upgrade the battery to LG 60V 35Ah , us$220 2. Key (with Volt meter) us$20 3. One set of eagle lights us$30 4. Additional 6A charger us$60 5.Additional road tires + tubes (not off road) us$30 6. Seat us$40 * The trainway shipping fee to Greece with included tax for EU: us$350 Total: us$1930. I had many talks about a moth or so with mr. fenfey about certificates, batteries, controllers etc. They dont have real certifications for anything, but I still ordered and we will se if I have problems for import. The product is not shipped yet (he said they are waiting for lcd prt) but maybe in 4-5 days. If tou need any more info from me please write in english. I also joined the telegram chat. I will be asking you a lot of questions when it arrives you have a nice group here.
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