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  1. Bruce Fu


    Yes, D5+ is originally Dualmoto 10S
  2. Bruce Fu


    Nan Robert's supplier: Shanghai Dualtron Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd https://dualtron.en.alibaba.com
  3. Original Widewheel 8 inch scooter 1. 500W 48V 4.4Ah 2. 500W 48V 8.8Ah 3. 1000W ( 2*500W Dual motor ) 48V 8.8Ah 4. 1000W ( 2*500W Dual motor ) 48V 13.2Ah Light and portable. Very suitable for city driving. https://sparklewheel.en.alibaba.com/product/60766309125-804415955/500W_48V_ecorider_portable_waterproof_electric_scooter_wide_wheel_fat_tyre_electric_scooter_isreal.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.prewdfa4cf.7.5766322c5djXo3
  4. I know it. Thanks very much for your advice. I will make it better
  5. Sort of, I think that's a good way to sell scooter through this forum. But seems I am not good enough. I will make it better.
  6. It's a delay, I am sorry for this. I sent out in time and my shipping agent arranged it on the second airplane which I don't know firstly. He is an impetuous person I think, but ok. I didn't make this deal good. I understand him. He will receive the scooter finally with good condition.
  7. It's a delay, I pushed my shipping agent everyday. But what he could do is just arrange it in the next airplane.
  8. I did't do any promotion. I sell scooter equal to everyone in this forum. Whatever you think about me, you can ask him if I did any delay to send out his scooter.
  9. Well, firstly I want to apologize for this accident. But from beginning to the end, I didn't do anything wrong. I sent your scooter out after 5 days you paid. Took 2 days to my shipping agent. I thought the first tracking number was right, my shipping agent told me that was yours. After some time, I asked my shipping agent again, and he said he made a mistake, the second one was yours. The first airplane was full with all kinds of goods. So he can just arrange it for the second airplane. So, from the beginning to end, what can I do? I did everything right but I can't control the shipping. So that's why I offer you $60 discount for the T10 scooter to make it up. Am I wrong? Your scooter is on the way by express, that's without any doubts. Just few days later than you expected.
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