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  1. Norgs

    Chuanglu H8

    Hello all. I have a friend wth a H8, and I am trying to help him troubleshoot a problem. He was riding his H8 and briefly noticed an error message appear on the screen. Shortly after the error appeared, the scooter powered off while moving. It would no longer power on after this event. I helped him open the deck and look to see if there was any visible sign of damage or fault. Nothing was found and we re-assembled the scooter. After charging the battery the scooter was able to be re-armed and turned on. There is an error message on the screen and use of the accelerator does nothing (the scooter will not run the motor). Does anyone have tips on what 'Error 2' may be, and what should be the next step for troubleshooting? I am in contact with Kylin, but I think he must consult the factory for each step, and I hoped someone in this forum could assist in my troubleshooting. The scooter is less than 6 months old. It has done less than 275 km. Please accept my apologies, I can only speak english - I'm from Australia.
  2. Norgs

    Hello tout le monde

    The M365 is fixable mate. Do you know if you're controller is blown or the BMS board? If it's the BMS board, it just takes a soldering iron and some $1 parts to fix. Here are some pictures of my repair. Xiaomi Mijia M365 Scooter Battery
  3. Am I correct in thinking the Obarter is a 60V unit, and the UBGO Cool is a 52V unit? Maybe the descriptions I am looking at on the KWK Smart Life store are out of date, or no longer valid?
  4. Shipping to Australia included? If so, consider it sold.
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