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  1. excellent, thank you very much
  2. Hello all, Just want to inform that testing is now synced with stable, so https://enaon.github.io/eucWatch/p8 will now work on p8 and all p22 variants. also, Racio from Spain confirmed that problems on some gotway models are indeed caused by bad signal quality, this mod of his solved all conection issues.
  3. I will change the dash, plenty of room now more pixels and bigger screen, the image is just the first run, a teaser. the NRF52840 gives room, memory mostly, for some nice things like wheel events/trip logging, long range Bluetooth, etc.
  4. Riders, Gather Your Magic Next Gen NRF 52840 (more ram, faster screen bus) has landed thanks to the amazing work done from ATC1441 & Fanoush. Fanoush made so that what would take months only took days, so Kospet Magic3, Kospet Rock (SENBONO C16 ), Colmi P16 are supported. https://enaon.github.io/eucWatch/magic to install espruino: (hack me guide will follow) https://github.com/fanoush/ds-d6/tree/master/espruino/DFU/Magic3 Bluetooth signal on the Magic is very good, a lot better than on the P8 , the rest are not tested, the rock should have even better.
  5. the Kospet magic3 is close to getting tested for BT performance, if all looks ok, it will be the next gen. So for now, I think it is best for one that wants a watch to wait for the results, the magic3 will be a lot faster if the BT is ok, and has a 1.71 vs 1.4 screen.
  6. this is a known reporting bug, it doesn't affect performance as you correctly noticed. Thanks for all the tests, I am currently extending V11 and adding V5/8/10, as soon as it is done I will look close to make sure it is not something I missed. in the mean time, I will ask for a user with the same watch as yours to do a full install, just to verify all is working on his*. you are welcome to join the "euc.gr eucWatch testing" telegram group if it is convenient. edit. *on a second thought, I am not sure of your watch type. It could be that it is a B1. Do this pleas
  7. very strange indeed, random touches by it self are not really explainable. let me think it over a bit, to see if it could be something caused by me, else you maybe be correct, maybe a bad hardware?
  8. maybe the autodetection for the touch did not work correct? Please go to the loader, connect, go to "installer" tab, and press the "change settings" button. If the touch type is 716, select 816, set, and do a disconnect from top right so the watch can restart.
  9. Not your fault, this is either a p22B1 or a p22D. Go to the loader(testing only for P22), connect, delete core - P8-P22 A/B/C/C1 (v0.91) and install core - P22 B1/D (v0.94) and press disconnect, it should reboot to a working screen. then if it is a B1, you maybe have to change handler file too the same way. it depends on if the touch is working ok or not. this is just the bluetooth name on espruino, the real model version name is in the about screen on original firmware, but it will be ok, just change core file. to explain, those new p22's,
  10. I need to make a manual 😁 the same feature, the anti theft, is utilized in the horn function, try it out, I think you will like it. Enable the horn from settings and then press the side button when moving over 2km/h, it will send the lock, lights on and strobe command, and revert them when you release the button, it works super nice also, try out the calibration menu, it has micro calibration steps, I think it is super useful for adjusting angle. there is also a "city" lights mode for the s18, this automatically sets the lights depending on day/night, it turn them to on when
  11. from the watch too, it is the right bottom tile on first settings screen page, the one that says "lock" (if you long press it, it will shutdown the s18) on ks, allmost everything can be done from the watch It can even automatically lock the Wheel on disconnect and unlock on connect
  12. when "lost" it checks for the wheel every 5 secs, so this is how many 5 sec loops will happen. I will add a manual once the settings are finalized a bit. the top speed being off, means that the inmotion is getting random values some times. I will try to add more checks. ps. durring changing the battery meter on the V11 to make it support the settable down limit, I saw that the fixed down limit on the V11 was 3volts, this was too low I think. Battery percentage reporting on the V11 should be better now.
  13. I think RockWheel is a kingsong protocol? I can give it a go if you want to test. two more features on testing: the "empty" button sets the battery lowest limit per cell, so that battery percent can be calibrated. the "retry" button sets how many times the watch will retry connecting when on "lost" before it auto turns it self off.
  14. Merci beaucoup pour la confirmation. Moi aussi j'en ai un comme toi, tôt. Le ne que j'ai posté est d'une importation de décembre, pas très nouveau non plus. Je posterai une photo plus tard de mes cintres, afin que vous puissiez également en poster une, juste par curiosité.
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