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  1. Today i have received the scooter after >70 days but everything is ok.
  2. Mine was created 06/11 and YESTERDAY status was changed to scanning! and its currently in transit. Based on my knowlage i can estimate that if your label was created 29/11 than status will change by the end of January or beggining of February.
  3. When your UPS label was created? Today someone get z scooter from 31.10. Mine is from 06.11 and im still waiting.
  4. verde

    Widewheel Dual motor 48 V

    Fuck a littlebit to late .. im also waiitng 70 days for now without any additional informations taht i will get my scooter soon.
  5. If you are patient and 70 days? for you it's not a problem then you can order
  6. Unfortunately no updates for my tracking number
  7. I think, there will be no news until end of next week ...
  8. @lollipop let us know if there will be any update
  9. Bruce has choosen the worst way to start a business with UE....
  10. I get a msg from Bruce that my scooter is in Czech currently so probably one of those with a curse to Poland is mine
  11. im ok with waiting but its a shame that there is no information from Bruce about delays and so on ...
  12. Unfortunately, I do not know these numbers and I do not see them anywhere in my order. I hope this is it. Can you paste a screen for me? My scooter has a weight of 32 / 33kg, at least this info should be correct.
  13. I have also ordered scooter from Bruce 27.10.... 2 months and i have received just one tracking number from Germany to Poland but no other information about tracking from China to Germany .... Last information from Bruce? "You will get it soon". Very low quality of communication with this guy .... no information about delivery ... he could even say that scooter arrive beggining of Feburary or something like that (ok for me) but Bruce thinks that "0" information is better .... I feel cheated...
  14. Did you receive your scooter?
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