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  1. WUXING full-twist, half twist, left & right hand TWIST-THROTTLES are breeding like rabbits on Aliexpress. 24V 36V 48V 60V 72 VOLT
  2. I am told that the Sur-Ron and Magura twist-throttles both fit the Kaabo King GT Pro ...and they are easy to wire-up.
  3. www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WG6hBcEtOY ...read the comments and there are more details on the Nami facebook group. shortcut... www.nami-electric.com
  4. Hello, some people find the big dead spot in the new GT Pro thumb throttle very annoying ...are there any alternatives available ??
  5. Thank you ...your answer is the first from 3 sites ...only 1 answer ...l have downloaded this file manuel ...l will investigate this matter further ...many thanks for all your help ?
  6. Battery save mode P 9 1:MAX SAVE 2:MID SAVE 3:NO SAVE Please tell me, what does this mean ?? ...perhaps it means charging the battery only up to 80% or 90% ...perhaps it means l can put some battery capacity in a spare sock in my sock drawer. l am not a mind-reader & this P 9 throttle/controller setting is a complete mystery to me ...what exactly is it that l am saving & what am l saving it for ??
  7. scoozzi.nz (new zealand dualtron agent) is offering to remove many malfunctioning fingerprint scanners, block-up the wire hole & replace the bridge inside the throttle controller ...is anyone else experiencing problems with their new fingerprint scanner ??
  8. mmm, mmm, mmm, lol ...a few years ago, according to lunacycle.com an american company, who paid TNE the big china lithium battery manufacturer to design their first model LUNA APOCALYPSE electric scooter ...after the contract was completed and paid for, TNE copied their design and now are producing "their" 3rd generation of this e-scooter ...l like the V4-U4 on alibaba for US$610 My concern is if the TNE e-scooter stops or goes insane ...is there any after sales help or parts available ...l know TNE sends emails, photos, diagrams for self help ...downloading up to date handbooks is
  9. Flushing large amounts of your money down the toilet is compulsory ...don't worry, you would have deep-fried the battery and controller soon anyway because the Zero leaks lots of water easily in the rain ...try a TNE U4-V4 + from alibaba US$610 and shipping for your next money sinkhole ...l just ordered a minimotors DUALTRON 3 NZ$4,000 ...my 3rd e-scooter & l hope it will be my first wise scooter purchase
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