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  1. Rockbeliver

    Rockwheel GT16 - Retour d'expérience

    Hi friend.If you know how to disassemable it,I think that is a diffcult things. Here you can click the link and watch the video and know how to deal with them.
  2. Rockbeliver

    Rockwheel GT16 - Retour d'expérience

    Hi friend.If you have any question and any doubt you can ask me,I working for Rockwheel company now.The 92V hadn't manufacture yet.There have four color are in manufacturing.Frosted red,blue,black and light red.All off them 84V 858WH.1036WH Here is my facebook: e-mail:[email protected]
  3. Rockbeliver

    une GT16 v3 ? pneu 2,125 remplacé par 2,5

    I think you can try it by yourself before you chat with your friend or your local seller how to modified it . Here is the video how to disassemable the GT16:,
  4. Rockbeliver

    This is Barry

    Thanks for your creative idea,I will analyze and discuss it with our engineer.Something maybe reasonable and feasible.
  5. Rockbeliver

    [Video](chine) TESLA qui dégage de la fumé

    So astonish me something had boardcasted to here
  6. Rockbeliver

    une GT16 v3 ? pneu 2,125 remplacé par 2,5

    Yes,I know.Maybe you should translate into English that is good for you to know something about it.电动独轮车&fr=index There are something change news you can know from our domestic website.
  7. Rockbeliver

    This is Barry

    I think maybe next year ,actually I don't know when it will be publish.Ok,for the question there are many fans care .We will take it into attention and manage it . Thanks Barry
  8. Rockbeliver

    une GT16 v3 ? pneu 2,125 remplacé par 2,5

    Yes,you can also buy 2.5 type to change it and install led like the video that looks amazing. No,I just translate the website into English.Do you mean that I write the letter is translated by google?
  9. Rockbeliver

    This is Barry

    Hi friend ,Glad that you appricate GT16,there are so much thing need to upgrade and much things we had done .There is no space we can reach to the top,but we can make it good as we can.Thanks for point that that the details of design ,the change will be in next model.
  10. Rockbeliver

    This is Barry

    From the becoming Ninebot Z10.KS 18L seems that is a trendence 18" would be popular in the follow year .I didn't know when the GT18" infromed.But I think once in producting ,there will be many persons discuss it. Barry.
  11. Rockbeliver

    une GT16 v3 ? pneu 2,125 remplacé par 2,5

    As I know ,it's DIY by player of GT16 .There are some change for splash guard ,pedal and notice the crack between the type and the housing.
  12. Rockbeliver

    mon test GT16

    Something change with Rockwheel GT16.Whatever for its housing or motherboard that u can look into :
  13. Rockbeliver

    Trolley de qualité ?

    From now the best design of trolley handle is built-in.I believe Rockwheel will upgrade about this later.
  14. Rockbeliver

    This is Barry

    Thanks guy
  15. Rockbeliver

    This is Barry

    Thanks ,me too.