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  1. KS69

    Garde-boue Monster

    I also have this mudguard for my Monster, send from Matthias/EUC Guy! it really does a good Job :-)
  2. KS69


    It's 2,5" like all KS18 have been...
  3. KS69


    This time the 50kmh lock is automatical unlocked after 200km.
  4. Just a Photo of my sale: Allready sold...merci!
  5. Bonjours, please excuse me for writing in english, but if i would use a Translation automatic, i would have no clue what is Standing here.... I am selling my Tesla, for more informations, please look here: The wheel/Me am living in Ruhr valley in Germany, between Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen. Personal pickup would always be prefered, but sending the wheel by insured package should also work. Costs will go for the buyer, then. Contact by PM always possible or ask questions here. Have a nice day KS69 PS: I hope i am in the correct Sub-Forum and did not break any other rules be selling a EUC...otherwise, please excuse me and feel free to delete!
  6. KS69

    Kingsong KS16B vue de l'intérieur

    Bonjour! What motherboard version does this KS16 have? (You can see it neear the big capacitors!) That fuse looks anything else destroyed? The wires of the capacitors perhaps? (big brown resistor) When the fuse is destroyed in such a bad way....for sure there is another problem, as the fuse only pops if something else goes wrong. Hopefully you will receive an new board!
  7. KS69

    KS 18 - bricolages divers

    @Techos78 btw: A Fantastic Price for a 840wh pack with Sanyo GA cells ! Does it come over the netherlands. so without any custom Problems?
  8. KS69

    KS 18 - bricolages divers

    I guess you are right, in case of BMS failure 2 independant packs might be more secure :-) Question of the new 840wh pack is how much amps the BMS is configured to. And that's the most important: It works! Good Job, also seen your Shell modification :-) Yip, the 18S is very nice structured...3 packs in parallel, each one secured by a 40Amp fuse, and 2x30Amp on the board to secure board and the complete battery Setup.
  9. KS69

    KS 18 - bricolages divers

    Yes, you are absolutly correct...that is a "Problem" of all cascade KS18A.... I just wanted to ask, and i am sure you are a lot more experienced than me. When your new pack has no "return-diode"...why didn't you use that as the one feeding the Motherboard?
  10. KS69

    KS 18 - bricolages divers

    @Techos78 Wow, nice Job :-) The 2 of 340wh packs....are this orginal KS Batterie packs, which before your modification have been connected to the chargeport? If Yes...this KS batterys/BMS normally have a "reverse protection", so that on the Charge port side no short can happen.... What this means with your Installation now, is that when "braking" (recuperation) happening, you only go and fill up the 2 x 340wh packs while recuperation, but not the big 820wh pack. Because the "reverse protection" does not allow to flow back Energie to the 820wh pack.... Or have you modified the BMS of the 340's pack?
  11. KS69

    [ Mten3 (Chine) ] - Batterie cramée ( Résolu )

    It is a 512wh pack with 2 x 20s (2 x 256wh), and No, the nickel Strip, cheap or not, was used to connect the 2 of the 20 packs, serialized or parallized, complete current of the 2p20s running through this one strip. And as i am myself just a consument like anyone else, i have no interest in GW misfortune, i just have received a new Tesla last week, so why should i have an interest in that? But when a misdesign like that comes to light, all Mten3 owners should be warned, at least this is my view!
  12. KS69

    [ Mten3 (Chine) ] - Batterie cramée ( Résolu )

    I can only say attention to all MTen3 users...that really is a big design fault, to parallel the 2 20s packs by a cheap nickel strip. Even makes me worry about the Tesla, which „only“ operates with 4 parallel systems instead of the 6p on v3s+ or acm, but Tesla having even much more power available then those wheels. Who knows, perhaps the crash of the Taiwan guy was the first short caused by the melted strip of one of his battery pack? Will this ever stop, Hotway??
  13. KS69

    [TESLA (Chine) ] Cut-off à 30km/h (Taïwan)
  14. KS69

    [TESLA (Chine) ] Cut-off à 30km/h (Taïwan)

    Holla, my wheel was produced at about 20th October and when i received it and opened it up, Gotway allready corrected the issue with the Plastik rim around the magnet, which CAN pinch the Motor cable...(i exspect that only to happen after a Crash on the side or something similiar pressure). How did they correct the issue? Hmmh, i heared and saw a new side Panel on photos....but on my wheel (and some others) they just cut down the Plastik rim of the magnet, so that it is shorter, and cannot pinch the cable anymore.... They cut (or even melted) this Plastik down by that Looks definitly like GW Quality (ironic) ;-) But hey, this is such a minor Problem that i even wonder that they produced new sidepads for that..... The inside of the wheel Looks Kind of better...thicker axle, thicker Motor wires....but still the same crappy board look, with this stupid 12 Mosfet Arrangement, which is electrical nonsense. Throwing 6 Mosfets of real Quality in it like the IRFP 4368 would do the trick much better. The american seller released some statistics ...stating Gotway boards/mosfets fail from 3-5% (some models even more), while not one mosfet fault is known on the KS "S" series until today.... Seeing that this mosfets are just "Cent" articles i really dont get it..... But again: Fantastic drive behaviour on the Tesla...i am tottaly stunned
  15. KS69

    [TESLA (Chine) ] Cut-off à 30km/h (Taïwan)

    I now have my Tesla 1020wh for a week, allready have opened it up and checked everything and in General i would say GW Quality has become a Little better. God knows what happens to this poor Guy in Taiwan and why his wheel shut off, we just dont know enough to get to "hysteric" about it. I have about 120km in this week now, my aboslut max Speed was a bit over 40kmh, and on this 120km i drove it over several bumps and what not. No Problems at all. Gotway finally, finally managed to come back to a superious ROck hard pedal Setting, which i did not experience on any other wheel before. It is even a bit harder as on my KS18S....and this allready isrockhard. The Tesla is super agile, drives super smooth and what not. And when i say this...i would say this means something, as i am definitly no Gotway Fanboy. In fact i hate them for their bad Quality issues and bad communication about those faults...... While i still dont get it why they have this bad mosfet type on the Tesla board, same as ACM/Msuper, other than that the Tesla is a hell of a wheel.

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